I am 19 years old and for most of my life I have been an athlete. By age 12 I was competing at level 9 and a NY State gymnastic champion. Being a gymnast I was able to develop and strengthen skills that I can apply to dancing and in my new endeavors, modeling and acting. Gymnastics gave me drive, focus, grace, flow, balance, creativity, endurance and discipline, all skills that define who I am today. At  age 16 I was hired to coach my own boys team and am one of the youngest USA Gymnastic Certified coaches in NY State. At age 14 I began dancing, a NYC born battle dance and You Tube Phenom, Lite Feet. I shared it with my friends and my community youth. Lite Feet  soon became part of the Gang Prevention program for which I am a  volunteer. I was invited to participate in NYC battles and I began to host  event battles in my community. These events are popular and well attended.
I realized my inner passion was performing and being an athlete and a dancer has served as a stage for expressing this love. My goal to become a model and actor has become a reality.  I am ready to evolve as a performer and step out onto a new stage using the unique attributes I gained as an athlete, dancer and coach. I feel my life has prepared me for this journey, I AM READY!

 Choreo and Dance by Dillon
Dillon "DLite" Thomas
​Head Shot

Dillon "DLite" Thomas
FOLLOW  Dillon "​DLite"​

Dillon "DLite" Thomas
Medium Men's     Neck: 14 3/4      
Sleeve: 33/34       Shirt: 16          
Waist: 30               Inseam: 30    
Jacket: 38R          Shoe:  9 1/2

HEIGHT: 5' 10.5"​​​    WEIGHT: 150
HAIR: Lt. Brown ​    EYES: Brown

Dillon "DLite"
Dillon DLite​
Dillon "DLite" Thomas